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 Photography by Cengiz Yar

Photography by Cengiz Yar

Journalist Campbell Macdiarmid on the lure of war reporting

[North and South, 30 September 2017]

Freelance journalist Campbell MacDiarmid, who grew up in Wellington, has spent the past three years reporting on the battle for Mosul and life in Kurdish Iraq. He talks to Fraser Crichton.

 Picture courtesy of  Sally T. Buck

Picture courtesy of Sally T. Buck

Why Scotland should adopt the New Zealand form of decrimi nalised sex work

[CommonSpace, 12 October 2016]

TAMMY* is one of 90 per cent of sex workers who work indoors in Scotland. 

  Nadine Stott,   co-chair of SCOT-PEP, Edinburgh 2016

Nadine Stott,  co-chair of SCOT-PEP, Edinburgh 2016

Little tolerance for zero tolerance: prostitution reform in Scotland

[Open Democracy: Beyond Slavery11 May 2016]

A new bill seeks to shift Scotland from zero tolerance of prostitution to full decriminalisation. Can it successfully make the transition to the New Zealand model?

  Festival of Sex Work rally, Melbourne 2015

Festival of Sex Work rally, Melbourne 2015

Decriminalising sex work in New Zealand: its history and impact

[Open Democracy: Beyond Slavery, 21 August 2015]

The New Zealand experience of decriminalised sex work offers a practical alternative to the often-cited Swedish Model. Might it point to a more general way forward?