How am I funded? You may be surprised to learn that I have not earned anything from writing or photography.  

My day job entirely funds my work on this project, but I am beginning to struggle to balance the time. I pay for flights, photographic film, cameras, analogue recorders and video gear. I sacrifice time I could spend with friends on holiday to interview and shoot. 

No one, even the most committed activist, does anything for nothing. I know that within the community that I am trying to document, there are some very strong opinions about people who make money out of selling sex work stories. I try to give back where possible. I contributed money to SCOT-PEP in return for an interview. I crowdfunded Merritt Kopas in exchange for an opportunity to talk with Melissa Gira Grant. Under certain circumstances, I think it is appropriate to reward people for their time and I have a great deal of sympathy for people within the sex work community who are wary of the media and people piggybacking. 

Writing may in the future generate some income, as can selling photographic prints, but in the longer term, I need to sustain myself working in this area through photography grants.